'Internet of Things' is people transferring most of the work they do manually, physically, to electronic media. Thus, both people can deal with different jobs and productivity becomes easier to control. Most IoT devices perform their tasks in the light of the data they receive from each other by communicating with another related device without human intervention.

R&D; It is the creative work carried out on a systematic basis to increase the knowledge of people, culture and society and to use this knowledge to design new applications. R&D; works diligently and meticulously in the automotive, software and internet, computer and electronics, health and pharmaceutical industries.

Automobile Mobility; It is a system that allows vehicles to be controlled regardless of where or when. It provides instant access to vehicle information, location and error status.

Access your vehicle from anywhere with the device, mobile application and web integrated system. Get your vehicle's information with the sensors in the device, track errors, control your vehicle, get the location of your vehicle, and be informed in case of a possible accident. Get instant access to your vehicle with the mobile application. Keep in touch with your dealer's web panel, make an appointment easily and in a specific order, and be informed about the campaigns.


Marine Mobility; It is a system we have developed for yachts and boats against the harsh conditions of the sea. It offers yacht/boat owners the opportunity to easily access information about their yachts/boats whenever and wherever they are.